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We work to make our contribution easier to manage waste and support the protection of the environment for future generations.


For this reason, we want that our contribution makes waste management easier and support the protection of the environment for future generations.


What do we mean by "out of print"?

Waste identified as “spun from printing” is nothing more than all that waste from the printing business.

The exhausted cartridges and the used toner usually contained in printers intended for home / office use are special non-hazardous waste but not comparable to urban waste.

What is meant by "special" waste?

They are waste that cannot be assimilated to urban waste and must be disposed of with very specific procedures.

Can I dispose them in a waste dump?

Companies and VAT number holders cannot rely on the municipal ecological island but must arrange for disposal through authorized companies registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers.

Where can I store what I no longer use?

The used cartridges as well as the used toner must be stored in special containers called ECOBOX, intended to contain only this type of waste.

This container must be dedicated to the individual company that requests it and will be emptied at least once a year through a company specialized in the disposal and / or recovery of this material.

Which CER code should be indicated?

According to current legislation, there are two EWC codes:

  • 08 03 17 * waste printing toner containing dangerous substance
  • 08 03 18 waste printing toner other than those mentioned in 08 03 17

The latter code is usually the most appropriate for the used cartridges and the used toners that we talked about earlier.

Indication of any dangerousness of the product can be found within the appropriate certification usually attached by the supplier.

Who should take care of cartridge disposal for rental printers?

The person responsible for managing the waste is the company that uses the cartridges, not the hirer.

What is meant by WEEE?

The word WEEE identifies all Waste deriving from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), currently this category of waste is the fastest growing globally.

In a company, in an office, in the studio of a freelancer, WEEE usually consists of computers, printers, notebooks, scanners, tablets, faxes, cell phones ..

Which CER (European Waste Code) will be attributed to the waste?

  • 16 02 13 * discarded equipment containing hazardous components (2) other than those mentioned in 16 02 09 and 16 02 12
  • 16 02 14 Discarded equipment other than those mentioned in 16 02 09 to 16 02 13
  • 16 02 16 Components removed from discarded equipment other than those mentioned in 16 02 15

Who is responsible for attributing the EWC code of a waste?

The producer is required to attribute the EWC code to the waste produced by him.

How can I understand exactly which CER code to assign?

A CER code consists of 3 pairs of numbers: the first identifies the industrial sector from which the waste derives, the second indicates the specific processing within that industrial sector and the third indicates the substances actually contained within.

How can I download the assets?

It is possible to download your assets by attaching a delivery note to the FIR with the details of the goods, indicating “scrapping” as the reason, reporting the FIR number on the delivery note, and the reference of the delivery note on the FIR.

What are the necessary requirements:

Waste (FIR) bearing the European Code of Refusal (CER) duly indicated.
The FIR is made up of 4 copies, the first remains with the producer or holder of the waste, the second with the plant operator who takes care of the recovery / disposal, the third with the transporter and the fourth copy must be returned to the producer / holder within 90 days from taking charge of the waste from the transfer plant.
This last copy, from January 2018, can also be returned to the manufacturer / holder by certified email (certified mailing address), as indicated in the Budget Law (Law no. 205/2017)

How does the service for the press weary work?

The service provides for the delivery of a FREE ECOBOX. Once full, just call us and we will pick it up by providing the customer with the FIR (Waste Identification Form), with the relative CER code (European Waste Code) necessary to ensure the reliability of disposal.

This document assures the manufacturer that the disposer is able to fulfill all legal obligations.

The service does NOT provide for the signing of any contract, the customer is free to use it as long as he deems it appropriate and stop it simply by reporting it to us, without fearing the application of any additional cost.

How big is the i4E enclosure?

Cardboard box, size 40x40x71cm + bag

How does the WEEE service work?

We direct the manufacturer in the correct identification of the CER.

The service is organized taking into account the customer’s needs, the quantity and location of the material, we provide the necessary staff and equipment.

ati della traduzione How will the fourth copy of the waste transport form be returned to me?

The Budget Law (Law no. 205/2017) allows the fourth copy of the waste identification form (FIR) to be sent by certified email.

The possibility of transmitting the fourth copy of the FIR through certified e-mail (PEC) is provided for in art. 1 paragraph 1135 of the law n. 205/2017 (Budget Law), at point 3 this law clearly states “The transmission of the fourth copy of the waste transport form provided for in paragraph 2 of article 193 is permitted, also by certified e-mail.”

This aspect is also confirmed by the note from the Ministry of the Environment no. 1588 of 31/01/2018.

This standard therefore aims to simplify the management of waste traceability documents by starting a gradual dematerialization of the same.

Incorrect waste management due to poor information contributes to polluting the environment.

Violation of the rules on waste management involves heavy penalties.